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Improving the capability and performance of marketing / agency teams

It is our experience that to be the most efficient and effective as a team, you have to have the right capability or as we like to say ‘Marketing Drivers’ in place – right people, right processes and right tools - and ensure that these are all aligned to a vision or strategy.

People are the most important asset to your organisation and whilst often your team(s) will comprise of the right people, they may lack the right processes or tools to unlock their true potential. A sub-optimal organisational framework may also be a cause of poor performance as indeed a lack of coaching or training.

Our pragmatic approach ensures that any processes or tools which are developed are done so in accordance with your requirements. They are grounded in reality, aligned to your overall goals and focus on practicality and simplicity for implementation. To ensure that people have the right skills, knowledge and behavioural dimensions to deliver the benefits of ‘a new way of working’ training and/or coaching is also often provided.

Whilst we believe that the linchpin to optimal performance are the ‘Marketing Drivers’, we recognise that there are important underpinning elements that also require focus such as culture, organisational design, communication, knowledge management and performance measures. However, the degree to which we would focus on each of these areas would depend on the insight revealed through our approach.

Our iC Tool™ otherwise known as our 360 insight into capability framework, creates an in depth understanding of the current level/type of capability and the future capability that is required to achieve your vision. Also as specialists in the facilitation of stakeholder interviews and as a neutral body we can get into the hearts and minds of employees. This enables us to identify the root cause of a problem rather than focus on the symptoms or manifestations of it.

Building the capability of your people, team(s) and organisation, will be critical in transcending your performance to new levels.

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